End of Year 2023

About End of Year 2023

Our vision is rebuilding lives, healing families, and strengthening communities with the goal of ending the generational cycle of addiction and its devastating impact on society. We host 14 different recovery support groups that meet multiple times each week and have room to grow. We are open to the public 365 days a year, including holidays. We are proud to be recognized by the community for having an impact in each of these areas, but we haven’t met our goal. And we can’t do it alone.

The expenses at ACKC for “saving a seat” for those in recovery in 2023 were $227,819.76. These expenses will increase in 2024. More than 1,500 people share their experience, strength, and hope weekly at the Club to encourage each other in the battle against addiction and continued recovery and to surround the newcomer with the promise of a new and healthier life. Our organization runs on 100% donations from the community. It requires donations to keep the lights on and drive our mission in day-to-day operations.

Are you willing to help? Because of generous donors like you, adults and teens can turn to the Alano Club of Kent County. We are grateful for any help you can give this year. All donations are tax-deductible, a great way to reduce business or individual taxable income. To donate, visit: gralanoclub.org/events